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Revolutionizing resuscitation the CCSV ventilation mode from Weinmann Emergency

Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation is an innovative product in the Oxygen-Care portfolio, this is a new ventilation mode from Weinmann Emergency.  Dr Jason Van Der Velde an Emergency Medicine Consultant with Cork University Hospital say that CCSV is "revolutionizing resuscitation in Co Cork, both physiologically and from a human factors perspective".  CCSV is a pressure-controlled ventilation mode, which provides for gas flow to be directed outwards from the lungs as a direct result of the chest compression which is detected by the pressure and flow sensors of the ventilator and serves as an inspiration trigger.  Click on the PDF below to read the full article from Dr Jason Van Der Velde and BEAI Biomedical and Clinical Engineering in their autumn edition of their Spectrum publication.  Learn More

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