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GE VenueFit Ultrasound

Venue Fit, was developed specifically for point of care medicine to assess a patient’s medical status simply, quickly and precisely.

Built for a wide range of environments from Anesthesia to MSK, its smaller footprint and increased portability makes Venue Fit a flexible solution for your point of care needs.


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Product description

Key features:

Made for Anaesthesia
From block to periop, the Venue Fit has you covered. Whether you are performing needle guided procedures or perioperative care, we support the spectrum of use with vibrant images, and a suite of proven tools that simplify complicated assessments.

Precise blocks
Needle visualisation at deep and shallow depths on even the most challenging body types.

Simple screen
See a larger ultrasound image and view only the icons you want by activating Simple Screen mode. 


Reduce keystrokes Up to 80% | eFAST Diagram
Assess and document patient status, from internal bleeding to pneumothorax, aligned to the eFAST protocol.

Tap and Select Findings | Renal Diagram
Simplify documentation and provide easy follow up for patients with suspected hydronephrosis. No need to manually type findings, simply tap the appropriate label that corresponds to your image.

LUSS in one view | Lung Diagram
A single view diagram of anatomical lung segments with one click image storing. Keeps track of your segmental lung assessment and can be helpful in showing trends in response to therapy.