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ECOlite® 4000 Oxygen Conserver

The ECOlite 4000 is an electronic gas-conserving device with built in alarm functions. It operates with a gas cylinder set at an outlet pressure of 1.6 - 5 bar. An optional 1.6 bar outlet pressure version is available for use with a liquid oxygen container.

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Product description

The oxygen flows through a pressure-reducing valve before entering the ECOlite 4000 and then onto the patient via a nasal canula. The incorporated microprocessor in the ECOlite 4000 controls and manages the oxygen flow to thepatient in all conditions.The sensitive valve delivers oxygen at exactly the right dosage as soon as the patient inhales, then stops. This ensures oxygen will penetrate the alveoli and be assimilated into the blood.REGULATORY STATUSEuropean Economic Area (EEA): This mark on the product indicates compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC relating to medical devices, Class IIa.Art. Nr. Description 325197479 ECOlite® 4000 Conserver with spiral hose, batteries and nasal cannula