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Special Trade-up offer valid to end Sept 2019

Upgrade your old AED to the latest LIFEPAK® CR2
Trade-up offer €1500 + VAT including a carry case and 8 year warranty. Usually retails at €1970 + VAT.

Call us on 01 276 9700 or email for details


01 276 9700

Product description

Your AED replacement checklist:

- Has the manufacturer's warranty expired?

- Does the AED use outdated technology?

- Is it Wi-Fi enabled which alerts you to anything that may affect device readiness?

- Are the instructions simple enough for lay responders?

- Does the AED provide CPR coaching?

- Do users have to stop CPR for rhythm analysis?

- Can the device safely be used on children and adults without having to change pads?

- Would it be wiser to use funding to upgrade to a new AED rather than purchase new consumables for an outdated device ?

One or more of these reasons is enough to consider upgrading your AED to a fully connected LIFEPAK AED Response System.

T & C's:

- Old AEDs must be returned to Oxygen Care

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