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The bellavista™ ventilator offers a universal and versatile solution to ventilate every patient from neonate to adult. It is highly configurable, easy to use and provides maximum patient comfort.

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Product description

Features* include:

Touch-screen interface for easy configuration of your customised workspace.

Adaptive Ventilation Mode - when ventilation adapts to the patient and weans automatically.

Animated Lung for enhanced visualisation.

Unique automated Synchrony Tools which promote patient comfort including AutoRise, Auto Sync and Auto Compensation up to 120L/min across all modes including NIV. Therapy is synchronised to each patient's breathing pattern.

High Flow Oxygen Therapy - treatment is delivered in conjunction with an active humidified breathing circuit. This is an extremely comfortable and effective way of improving the oxygenation of your patients.

Lung Recruitment Tool - to assist clinicans in understanding lung recruitability and the setting of optimal PEEP to prevent ventilator induced lung injury.

Target Vent - Gentle pressure ventilation with guaranteed volume. Target Vent offers several options to manage a comfortable, efficient and safe non-invasive ventilation for your patient.

* some features are optional on some models.


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