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The CARESCAPE Network enables communication of real-time critical patient data from GE monitoring equipment and servers for effective clinical decision making.

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Product description

The suite of products available to integrate with CARESCAPE network facilitates centralised monitoring,  patient status viewing from another networked monitor, wireless data sharing. 
Based on comprehensive Ethernet and IP network technology, integration and compatibility with other networks is maximised.  The expandable CARESCAPE Network is flexible and secure offering hospitals configuration options to suit e.g. 
  • Enterprise VLAN for simplified network management as this configuration shares the switches already in use at the hospital for other equipment including laptops and VoIP phones. 
  • CARESCAPE Enterprise Access antenna system to cater for a portfolio of wireless technologies e.g. cellular, paging, WLAN
  • CARESCAPE SiteLink for centralised monitoring of patients situated at one remote site or several sites.
  • Segregated network where the CARESCAPE network runs its own dedicated switches and Ethernet cabling separate to the hospital enterprise.