CCSV Ventilation Mode


CCSV (Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation) is an innovative, specific, ventilation mode for resuscitation (CPR) which synchronises the Lungs and Heart during CPR.

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Product description

The new CCSV (Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation) ventilation mode from WEINMANN Emergency is revolutionising resuscitation.

CCSV synchronises the Lungs and Heart during CPR and this ventilation mode can be optionally activated in the MEDUMAT Standard² Emergency and Transport Ventilator.

In CCSV mode, a mechanical breath is initiated in sync with each chest compression.

This means no gas volume escapes from the lungs and the pressure in the lungs provides support during the chest compression.

A frequency tachometer helps the user to maintain an optimum compression frequency.


Advantages of CCSV

  • Automatic detection of chest compressions

  • Uninterrupted chest compressions

  • Can be used with mechanical chest compression devices

  • Easy to integrate into the standard resuscitation procedure

  • Improved arterial pressure

  • Improved gas exchange

  • Improved blood circulation

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