Clinical Information Management Systems and Hardware

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Centricity Critical Care (Clinical information system)

Centricity Critical Care (CCC) is an important information system for clinical data collection, sharing and management in the ICU focussed on supporting high quality patient care.Unlike paper-based information, electronic information is easier to store, share, and manage and would contribute to affording a clinically in-depth, Electronic Patient Record.CCC is a flexible solution with a range of tools that can be customised for use in specific ICU departments e.g. surgical, medical, neonatal or paediatric. Data gathered from a variety of sources is analysed in real time providing timely and meaningful information enabling decision support and cost management.

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Product description

CCC focuses on Patient Therapy Management facilitated by features including:

  • Clinical Notification System Module – for data comparison against rules, which are defined by users to establish and notification of possibly relevant clinical events.
  • Medical interaction module and adjustable medication protocols enables pre-definition of medication protocols to assist clinicians in making the right care decision, record correct dosage based on patient data and support a range of medication order types e.g. standard, flexible, response and drug infusions

Decision support tools enable dashboards to be generated with actionable information views from patient data.Clinically relevant information can be delivered via web-based remote work stations, email and devices including pagers.CCC is just one component of the GE “High Acuity Care” suite of products that can intra-operate.  The suite of products also includes Centricity Anaesthesia (CA) and a perioperative Theatre Management Solution, Centricity Opera  

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