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Centricity High Acuity Anaesthesia

Centricity™ High Acuity Anaesthesia is an integrated anaesthesia management solution that enables improved quality of patient care from peroperative assessment, through induction and operating room to post-anaesthesia care.


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Product description

Unlike paper-based information, electronic information is easier to store, share, and manage and would contribute to affording a clinically in-depth, Electronic Patient Record. Measuring clinical objectives and maximising productivity in Operating Theatre is dependent on quality information in a form that can be used. Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia creates a consistent patient record across care areas from assessment to induction, the OR and through to post-operative care.

With automated data capture from anaesthesia machines/monitors, other theatre equipment and other IT systems like PAS, TMS, OCM, Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia gives a clear and complete overview of data for decision making, standardises care, improves protocol adherence and gives accurate/auditable patient records.

Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia gives the Anaesthesia Department the information and reports necessary to manage and improve the anaethesia processes and ultimately allows better control of Departmental resources/costs. SSO, Active Directory/LDAP support and a full range of HL7 capabilities will help to ensure that a cohesive environment is maintained. Integrated database maintenance tools and support for high-availability architectures help ensure constant system availability.


  • An incredibly intuitive user interface which will feel familiar to users as it will have been customised to reflect  best practice and departmental protocols.
  • A virtually complete ”Irish Standard Configuration” which should require minimal changes to tailor to the specific hospital requirements.
  • A programmable task list per case type (anaesthesia process list) which, when followed, will guarantee that the user has followed that appropriate anaesthesia protocol. (“Green lights” in the task list boxes show that the elements are complete).
  • Ability to change between case types during procedures, e.g. when a “low acuity” case turns into a “high acuity” case, the Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia task list can be changed to reflect the more complex case with its increased documentation requirements.
  • Access to all the patients pre-operative information in theatre ensuring that the complete patient suitation is visible.
  • Access to the patient’s previous case records/details in theatre or at any time again ensuring that the complete patient suitation is visible.
  • A very comprehensive device interface list for other theatre equipment (pumps etc. Ventilators, BGA etc. etc.) ensures that the patient’s records will include information from those devices automatically.
  • An optional patient centric information viewer (PIV) which would give access to reports from other Clinical systems (e.g. Radiology, Lab, Cardiology) in theatre.
  • An optional web-based ”Cockpit” overview of the system for the Recovery Area.

Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia is just one component of the GE Centricity “High Acuity Care” suite of products that can intra-operate.  The suite of products also includes an ICU Centricity™ High Acuity Critial Care and a perioperative Theatre Management Solution, Centricity™ Opera.