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Centricity Opera (Theatre Management system)

Centricity™ Opera is a perioperative Theatre Management Solution that addresses the scheduling (intelligent), planning, materials management, resource management and real time visibility of the whole Theatre suite.With a more reliable schedule, clinicians can work more efficiently and effectively, maximising the productivity within the Operating Theatre environment.Centricity™ Opera features a user friendly interface with web applications and is an open system to facilitate data exchange between other IT systems in the hospital.

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Product description

  • The system can be purchased and implemented in steps due to its modular system comprising:
  • Opera Pre- and Postoperative module is a scheduling and data analysis tool for operating room and dedicated clinics.
  • Opera Intraoperative module enables daily activities to be managed and monitored. Surgical status details can be documented at point of care and shared with the care team.
  • Opera Material Management module facilitates the planning of managing materials required for procedures, forecasting requirements, documenting usage and traceability.
  • Centricity™ Opera is just one component of the GE “High Acuity Care” suite of products that can intra-operate. The suite of products also includes Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia and an ICU management solution Centricity™ High Acuity Critical Care.

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