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CODE-STAT data management

CODE-STAT™ 9.0 Data Review Software collects patient and performance data generated during a code when the LIFEPAK device is used and translates this into a summary report. With industry guidelines focussing on CPR quality, the data stored at a central location can be used to ensure best practice is followed and improved upon. Using Utstein Sytle Criteria Code Stat Suite can produce a range of sophisticated response summaries and system reports to help target areas for improvement or funding.

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Product description

The software provides reports detailing Dial charts which depicts the average % of total time compressions are given and average rate of compressions per minute. The charts indicate what rate was reached within a target range. 
Several statistics of a code are displayed for comprehensive review including:
  • A summary snapshot of the code allows for annotations on the ECG report.
  • A graph of compressions given with pauses indicating if and when a pulse came back.
  • Summary of data regarding shocks delivered including the energy, length of pause before and after shock delivery and resumption of CPR.
  • EtCO2 trending (if used on the LIFEPAK device) for proper intubation.
Reports can be printed for review and consultation.
The data can be used as a de-briefing tool and scenario training to improve protocol and response guidelines, ensure required rates are reached and pauses are minimised.
With the PhysioControl system of care, CODE-STAT can be used with LIFENET system for wireless transmission of data