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Corpuls aed

The corpuls aed is an extremely robust, easy to use and lightweight AED.
It is highly featured for professional users as standard, however it can be easily used by even untrained responders with intuitive voice instructions and pictograms.

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Product description

With pre-connected long life electrodes, a 5 year battery standby life and a robust design the corpuls aed is easily maintained to ensure it is ready for instant use.

With an optional emergency call function, the corpuls aed can directly transmit the emergency call and just in time so that the rescue services coordinator can give reanimation instructions over the phone. This is very reassuring for first responders who are alone at the site.

The corpuls aed displays 2 curves: DE lead and corPATCH CPR feedback for compression depth which is placed on the sternum and measures the pressure, frequency and depth offering the provider useful feedback to improve CPR quality.

2 parameters can be displayed on the colour display: heart rate and corPATCH CPR feedback or graphics, which are more applicable for lay users.