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The corpuls1 is an extremely compact but fully-fledged defibrillator/patient monitor developed specially for the needs of fire brigade, first responders, in transport ambulances, doctors' offices and in disaster control.

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Product description

The corpuls1 monitor displays up to 3 curves and 4 vital parameters at a glance on the 5.7" colour display. ECG, heart frequency and pulse oximetry parameters are always in view.

Depending on the situation, it can be used as an automated external defibrillator (AED), a manual defibrillator or for cardioversion.

Compatibility: Just like with all corpuls defibrillators, the electrodes, sensors and cables of the corpuls1 can also be used with the corpuls3 for continued care.

Lithium ion battery for reliable and long power supply.

SpCO measurement allows for care of the rescuers e.g. early detection of possible carbon monoxide poisoning for fire fighters.

Optional features:

- Pacemaker with 2 modes (fix, demand) for the treatment of arrhythmia.

- Integrated pulse oximeter for oxygen saturation monitoring, pulse frequency and plethysmogram.

- CPR feedback prompting using corPATCH CPR Electrodes.