The corpuls3 modular patient monitor and defibrillator is a unique and revolutionary three module system comprising a monitoring unit, patient box and defibrillator/pacer.

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Product description

The corpuls3 offers a full suite of monitoring options to include up to 4 channels of invasive pressure and 2 channels of temp, in addition to the usual suspects of 12 lead, Sp02, NiBP and Capnography. The device is incredibly sophisticated in its operation, yet easy to use and has a logical setup as regards storage and cable connectors etc.

The highly evolved battery management system uses lithium-ion batteries in each module and is managed by a variety of possible configurations and charging options such as individually powered brackets and magnetic plugged chargers for hospital and ambulance use. 

The monitoring unit is essentially the control centre of the device displaying up to 6 curves and 13 vital parameters on the large 8.4” colour display. The intuitive user interface supports and assists the user during the emergency call and is very configurable with excellent trauma screens. The latest update to the corpuls3 further enhances provider safety by allowing control of the corpuls CPR remotely meaning less need for providers to be near the patient, a consideration when dealing with potential viruses and bacteria.

The ergonomic handle and the shock protection on all sides additionally ensures that the lightweight monitor of only 2.7kg operates under even the toughest conditions with an operating temperature range of -20C to +55C.

From a telemetry perspective, the device offers live streaming of patient data for clinical oversight or monitoring of multiple devices which is ideal in a hospital resus setting or for medical oversight in EMS.

A recent innovation has been the revolutionary corpuls control which allows wrist mounted parameter monitoring of the patient. Its brilliant and robust multi-touch display can even be operated with wet gloves. This mobile application is ideal for situations where the rescuer may be compromised whilst working on a patient during extrication or transport. e.g. when the patient monitor is not in reach or wholly visible.

The corpulscontrol enables uninterrupted patient care management that is bound to be desired by Paramedics everywhere!

The patient box is the “heart” of the system where vital parameters and measured values are collected, measured and stored. It is so mobile and light weight, it can remain on the patient enabling uninterrupted monitoring from the incident site all the way to the hospital. It can be mounted onto the defibrillator part of the system or mounted on the stretcher or above the patient in a vehicle. This allows the seated provider to control all aspects of care without leaning over the patient, creating a safer environment, especially in a moving vehicle.

The corpuls3 modular design also enables the defibrillator pacer unit to be completely separated whilst the modules remain wirelessly connected. This significantly reduces the weight of the already system for better mobility and flexibility during time-critical patient transfer. Shock delivery can also be given from a safe distance via the Monitor Unit (using corPatch CPR electrodes).