The corpuls3 is a unique, revolutionary concept within the medical device industry. Thanks to its modular design, the patient monitor with integrated defibrillator/pacer stands out radically from other compact devices.

With outstanding ergonomics, clean smooth lines and user-friendly operation, corpuls3 satisfies the most exacting needs of users. Now with a touchscreen.

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Product description


  • Constant Monitoring from the site of the emergency call to the hospital
  • Constant monitoring from a safe distance (for example in CT)
  • Better ergonomics for patient transport and ambulance layout by separation of the modules
  • Increases patient safety by recording and storing parameters in direct proximity to patients
  • More flexibility at the mission site due to the separation of different tasks: Display, data recording and therapy


The corpuls3 is not only a device – it is a 3 module system:

Defibrillator | Pacer

Monitoring Unit

Patient Box


Defibrillator | Pacer

The modular design of the corpuls3T allows complete mechanical separation of the Defibrillator/Pacer. The modules remain wirelessly connected.

As a result, the weight of the corpuls3T system can be significantly reduced – ideal for better mobility and flexibility in a time-critical transfer of the patient e.g. from ambulance to hospital.

This allows shock delivery from a safe distance via the Monitoring Unit (using corPatch therapy electrodes).


Monitoring Unit

The Monitoring Unit is the control centre of the corpuls3T. At just 2.9 kg, including the battery and printer paper, it is about as thick as a newspaper and can be comfortably held in one hand.

Up to 6 curves and 13 vital parameters can be displayed simultaneously on the brilliant colour 8.4" display.

Fully customisable, freely nameable and – in case of the NIBP display – with quality indicator. In addition, up to 6 curves can be printed from the integrated 106mm printer in real time.


Patient Box

The Patient Box is the "heart" of the system.

Here, all vital parameters and measured values are collected, measured and stored. Values recorded via pre-connected sensors are sent wirelessly and in real time to the monitoring unit where they are displayed and/or processed.

Due to its low weight (between 1.1–1.4 kg depending on equipment), the patient box is so compact that it can remain with the patient for transport. This also means that all the sensors and cables can remain with the patient.

This keeps them out of the way enabling seamless monitoring during patient transport – e.g. through a narrow staircase.

The Patient Box can be operated completely independently. The backlit monochrome display enables patient observation even without a Monitoring Unit (including voice recording and acoustic alarm). All data is saved for transfer later.



Touchscreen technology needs to be up to the task! This is especially the case in difficult operating environments. This is why we rely on the latest generation of touchscreen controllers. These make the touch display of the corpuls3T

Moisture resistant and

Safe to operate with disposable gloves.

The device is extremely user friendly thanks to its high quality, optically bonded display, high-contrast resolution and low reflectivity.

The modules can be separated at any time, as and when required. They communicate wirelessly, eliminating annoying cables. 

The corpuls3 adapts optimally to the users needs. Legendary and still unique, the corpuls3 is used successfully by hundreds of organizations around the world.



The best energy management is the one you don't have to think about. This is precisely the optimum we have achieved with the corpuls3T energy management.

When you take the corpuls3T out of the charge mount in the vehicle it is ready for operation. As soon as the device is returned to the mount the batteries are charged automatically and the corpuls3T is ready for its next job. Time-consuming and fault-prone manual charging and changing of batteries is not required and the user can fully concentrate on the patient.

The batteries of all three modules are identical and extremely powerful. In compact mode, they simply use the battery reserves of the other modules. This concept always provides sufficient power even in long deployments to ensure comprehensive monitoring and the therapy with the defibrillator/pacer.

  • Battery life of up to 10 hours as a compact device
  • A complete charge of the batteries in the device takes approximately 2 hours
  • Display of the remaining battery life on the monitor's display and on the patient box
  • Charging via 12 V DC or 100V AC - 240V AC (50 Hz - 60 Hz) via magnetic contact (MagCode)
  • Operation as a compact device even if up to two batteries are discharged



corpuls control is a revolutionary add-on product for the corpuls3.  The idea behind it: it is not always possible for rescuers to work on a patient without endangering themselves.

For example, during a mission in an ambulance or during a turbulent rescue flight, there is always the danger that the rescue personnel could lose their balance.

A fall can have dire consequences for both the rescue personnel and the patient. It is safer for the crew when they are strapped into their seats. But then the patient monitor may not be in reach.  

The solution to this problem: corpuls control which is the corpuls3 monitor shrunk and attached to your wrist. Just like its big brother – it shows a variety of vital parameters and alarms.

Further information on corpuls control is available here.



corpuls.mission offers the possibility to view diagnostic ECGs and photos of medication plans or mission sites as well as the live curves and vital parameters of the corpuls3T and corpuls3.

corpuls.mission is not just a telemedicine solution - it is a medical communication platform in which the patient is brought into the main focus.

Further information on corpuls.mission is available here.