Telemedicine and Data Management


corpuls.mission is not just a telemedicine solution - it is a medical communication platform in which the patient is brought into the main focus.

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Product description

Specific knowledge from selected experts and various disciplines is crucial for adequate patient treatment. With corpuls.mission, we draw knowledge together where it is most urgently needed: during a mission.

By combining medical data, chat, video and documentation, all relevant information is collected in one place and can be viewed by the rescuers, physicians and specialists involved.

Specifically designed for the special requirements of preclinical use, corpuls.mission breaks away from old, linear communication channels. It offers the possibility to view diagnostic ECGs and photos of medication plans or mission sites as well as the live curves and vital parameters of the corpuls3T and corpuls3. All of this in the usual corpuls quality.



  • The optimal solution for telemedicine - corpuls.mission LIVE enables the exchange of vital parameters and curves from resting ECGs in real-time from anywhere – to anywhere


  • Smart telemedicine: curves and vital parameters in real time
  • ECGmax: 22 leads from 10 electrodes, vector loops and CEB®
  • Automated forwarding and flexible interfaces for data export
  • Monitoring of multiple devices and visual display of events

With corpuls.mission LIVE, the specialist in the clinic knows the patient status before the emergency transport even arrives in the emergency room. Through the interaction of the corpuls3T or corpuls3 and corpuls.mission LIVE, the doctor in the clinic can see all the patients curves and parameters in real time while the rescue team is still with the patient. This enables early preparation in the clinic, tailored to the emergency. The curves and parameters measured are also recorded, meaning the specialist can also refer to the screen of the corpuls3T or corpuls3 from an earlier point in time. In addition, trends and events of the connected device are displayed and the corpuls.mission Live Board can also be used to monitor several devices and visualize events.

ECGmax is the new dimension of ECG. Further information on ECGmax is available here.



The revolutionary communication solution - corpuls.mission CONFERENCE enables mission and patient-related communication via chat, audio and videotelephony according to a completely new principle, optimally tailored to rescuers in the field.



The complete mission documentation from the anamnesis to the handover in a collaborated and interactive form. Everything with just a few clicks.

Documentation could not be faster or more effective.