The LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator with LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager is a complete and connected AED response system, expertly designed for user confidence.

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Product description

Anyone, anywhere can suffer a Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Immediate treatment is vital for a victim’s chance of survival which dramatically decreases for every minute without treatment.

Public access defibrillators are so important by putting medical technology where it can be put to its best use.

So when an emergency happens, you should have nothing but the best to help save a life.

Product features :

- Self Monitoring

- Wireless Connectivity

- Fastest time to first shock

- cprINSIGHT Analysis Technology

- Layered, easy to follow design


The CR2 connects directly to to responding Irish Ambulances who all carry LIFEPAK Defibrillators.

It is the first defibrillator on the market to allow continued CPR during analysis and charging which minimises interruptions and improves outcomes.

Quickest time to shock on the market with the highest available escalating energy - Up to 360J for more effective shocks as needed.

WI-FI allows programme managers to log in and see the status of the machine, if it has been used, expiry dates on pads and get alerts when the AED is moved or activated.

8 year product warranty.