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Entonox Demand Valve EASE II

The New Sabre EASE II portable systems provide a compact low resistance method of self-administering O2 or O2/N20. The EASE demand valve is constructed in a way that creates minimal breathing resistance to the patient and can deliver high flows when required.For greater user comfort the EASE II is both smaller and lighter than the original Sabre EASE. The new Easy Grip’handle is another user friendly addition.

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Product description

On demand Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide/ Oxygen system for delivering up to 300 litres/ min

  •  Portable first stage regulator and cylinder version for immediate care and pre-hospital applications.
  •  Low pressure pipeline version for obstetrics and general nursing applications.
  •  Conforms to BS 4272: Part 2: 1996
  • Low inspiratory effort demand valve
  • Test/ Purge facility on the demand valve, easy to clean and reassemble for cross infection protocol
  • Hose fitted with probes by the national standards for connection into cylinder system or wall outlet
  • Autoclavable, removable handle

The EASE II system is available to deliver Nitrous Oxide/ Oxygen upon demand. It is available for use as a portable system with first stage regulator, or as a low pressure pipeline version. The EASE is designed to administer effective pain relief within a wide range of medical situations including immediate care, general practice and general nursing obstetrics.Conforming to BS 4272: Part 2:1996, the demand valve is designed to deliver up to 300 litres per minute of gas with minimal inspiratory effort by the patient. This valve also contains a removable patient valve that houses the exhalation flap and anti contamination valve.This can be removed and cleaned before replacement and re-use.OPTIONS: The Sabre EASE range of products is structured in a way to allow the user to define their personal requirements of system, cylinder and carry options.EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT DEMAND VALVES - EASE II Gas Type

  • 0715302 Ease II kit with demand valve, 3 metres of hose & pin index regulator. Supplied with mask, mouthpieces and manual.
  • 0715300 EASE II Demand value with 3 metres of hose & BS5682 probe.Supplied with mask, mouthpieces and manual.
  • 0715309 EASE II kit with demand valve, 3 metres of hose and BS5682 probe, Pin Index regulator with BS5682 socket. Supplied with mask, mouthpieces and manual
  • 0715321 EASE II kit with demand valve, 3 metres of hose and BS5682 probe.

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