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The Exergen TAT (Temporal Artery Thermometer) offers a non-invasive, accurate and fast way to measure temperature with a gentle forehead scan.

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Product description

Body temperature is one of the most basic indicators of a patient’s health. A fast, accurate thermometer is essential for capturing this important reading.

The Temporal Scanner is as accurate as rectal, esophageal,and pulmonary artery thermistor temperatures. Similar to pulmonary artery temperature, the Temporal Scanner identifies changes in your patient’s temperature sooner than rectal measurements and with more reliability than axillary measurements.

Patient’s temperature readings are gathered quickly and displayed clearly and visibly. 

The Temporal Scanner may be used on patients ranging from infants and children, up to adults.

Unlike oral and rectal thermometers, the Temporal Scanner does not come into contact with mucous membranes. Since the Temporal Scanner only comes in contact with the skin, cleaning and disinfecting are made easy.

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