Oxygen / Air Cylinder Regulators

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Flexiunit Mediline Mediselect 15 regulator

The Flexiunit is the Mediline Mediselect 15 regulator, with the venturi suction ejector fitted directly to it. Allowing 0 to 15 l/min free flow oxygen and a powerful, effective, fully adjustable 0 to -80 kPa suction. A quick release outlet connector can be fitted as an optional extra, enabling a ventilator , demand valve etc to be powered from the unit. The Flexiunit can be fitted with both Pin Index and Bullnose inlet connections to suit all standard cylinders.

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Product description

  • 0720250 Flexiunit Combined Suction/0-15 l/min Pin Index Connection.
  • 0720251 Flexiunit Combined Suction/0-15 l/min Bullnose Connection.


  • Maximal suction effect -80 kPa (-0,8 bar)
  • Capacity >25 l/min
  • Maximum consumption of gas 38 l/min
  • Dimensions (w×h×d) 105×115×102 mm (mounting in gas outlet version

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