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GE Logiq P9 Ultrasound

The LOGIQ P9 is a budget friendly intuitive general imaging ultrasound producing excellent image quality. It is designed for quick diagnostic exploration and busy procedure lists.

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Product description

  • The LOGIQ P9 compact and sleek design features a large monitor, a touchscreen user interface, 4 probe holders and fewer buttons on the user console.
  • The interface can be customised to suit user preferences with fewer keystrokes needed resulting in faster exam times. 
  • The LOGIQ P9 can be used in a wide range of clinical areas including abdominal, small parts, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal and OB/GYN. 
  • Automated features such as automatic imaging optimisation, auto IMT, auto EF (Ejection Fraction) reduces scanning times. Advanced imaging tools can be accessed as required including BFlow, 3D/4D, Elastography, Stress Echo, TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging) and TT (Tissue Tracking).