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Giraffe Omnibed

The mobile Giraffe Omnibed offers a complete neonatal care station – with the simple touch of a foot switch it converts from an open top radiant warmer to an enclosed incubator. This eliminates the need to transfer the baby for procedures thereby reducing the likelihood of physiological and vital signs changes for the baby and minimising stress for the baby and caregivers. The Omnibed is user friendly and promotes developmental needs of infants.  
In Incubator mode, portholes or doors give access to the infant being kept warm by a fan and heater under the bed, which circulates warm air in the enclosed baby compartment. 
In warmer mode, compartment walls are lowered and the canopy rises for instant full access to the baby.  The radiant heating element in the canopy opens and maintains a stable thermal environment for the baby. 
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Product description

  • The Omnibed features a servo humidifier with optional servo oxygen controlled system.
  • The full colour digital control panel clearly displays patient information and trended data.
  • Unique to GE warmers, the innovative hands-free alarm silencing is featured as standard, as well as a conventional silence button.
  • The elevated base can move down to chair level for convenience.
Heater - In incubator mode, if the doors will be open for extended periods of time, the Boost Air Curtain can be activated to improve thermal performance thereby protecting the infant from heat loss. 
In warmer mode, the radiant heater is designed specifically to cover the bed surface keeping the baby warm but the recessed feature keeps the heat away from the caregiver during access to the baby. This also allows space for devices such as an x-ray machine head without having to move the baby or the heater.  
Heat regulation can be controlled by a clinician-set heater power level. Alternatively, the clinician can set the required patient skin temperature value and the heater will regulate accordingly to maintain the set value. 
Bed - The slide-out 360º rotating mattress allows easy access to the baby during procedures with optional integral weighing scales. The pressure diffusing mattress can be tilted any angle up to12º for Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg positions when inside the compartment.