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Infant Flow™ LP nCPAP System

Infant Flow™ LP nCPAP System provides nCPAP solutions for neonatal patients by helping reduce their work of breathing.

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Product description

By combining proven technology, performance and safety, clinical and operational outcomes can be better provided for.

The Infant Flow™ LP Nasal CPAP System comprises:

LP Generator:

• Dual jet generator incorporating fluidic flip technology
• Low momentum impinging jets reduce WOB during inspiratory and expiratory cycle
• Infant Flow LP generator utilizes 80% less driving pressure
• Support cradle stabilizes generator and minimizes torque during infant movement

LP Prongs:

• Soft, comfort-fit prongs provide an effective seal and minimizes leaks
• High profile design reduces pressure on the infant’s septum minimizing skin necrosis
• Available in 5 sizes to accommodate 450gm to 5kg infants

LP Masks:

• Flexible bellow allows mask to find natural position over infant’s nose minimizing leaks and maintaining consistent nCPAP level
• Anatomically sized with deep nasal cavity to accommodate various nasal shapes and reduce pressure points
• Available in 5 colour coded sizes – Extra Small to Extra Large

LP Headgear:

• Intuitive comfort wrap design with adjustable straps for a custom fit helps minimize infant discomfort
• Fixation straps provide comfort and flexibility and keeps device away from infant’s eyes
• Comfort wrap design secures generator at proper angle minimizing leaks
• Available in 6 sizes – Extra Small to Extra Large

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