The Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator offers an impressive range of monitoring parameters for the immediate intervention and emergency care needed by advanced providers. This tough, durable monitor/defibrillator features a large colour display. 
The LIFEPAK 15 is designed for professional responders in both emergency services and hospital care environments. It has exceptional presence in Ireland from with over 200 devices placed in ambulances and hospitals country-wide.
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Product description

  • The LIFEPAK 15 offers a wide range of parameters including Sp02, Masimo Rainbow Pulse Co-oximetry, NiBP, Microstream Capnography, invasive pressures and 12 lead ECG are all options allowing the customer to bespoke select features depending on clinical or operational need. Additional parameters can be added during the device’s service life as additional clinical need arises.
  • Like all LIFEPAK® Defibrillators, the LIFEPAK 15 is capable of escalating to the highest Biphasic shock level available in the industry (360 joules) when needed for difficult to defibrillate cardiac arrest victims. This is more than twice the energy output of most AEDs ensuring that more lives are saved and also helps to ensure the LIFEPAK® can cope with potential future Resuscitation Guideline Changes, thereby safeguarding your investment. See the Physio-Control dedicated website and Clinical Evidence Studies under further product information below.
  • Manual mode gives Advanced Caregivers the option to control shock delivery. 
  • The LIFEPAK 15 has significant memory capacity to store continuous event data and a 100mm printer which gives clear 12 Lead ECG print and other critical patient data. Data can be transmitted to the LIFENET system via Wifi or mobile data networks. 
  • The LIFEPAK 15 is an upgradable platform meaning you can add further function as your needs grow, rather than buying an entirely new device. 
  • With the Physio-Control System of Care, the LIFEPAK 15 collects data on compressions and ventilation. This can be communicated directly to a PC or via the web-based LIFENET system and analysed afterwards using CPR Analytics software. 
  • It is compatible with other LIFEPAK® models in the product range for uninterrupted care when transferring the patient and their important clinical data to the emergency response team and/or to other devices.