The LIFEPAK® 20e monitor/defibrillator offers an impressive range of monitoring parameters with an optional effective code management module to better manage a cardiac arrest, no matter when and where it happens. This easy to use, reliable monitor/defibrillator features a large colour display and an intuitive interface with many configurations options so it can be tailored to best fit your hospital’s needs and easily cope with potential guidelines changes.
The LIFEPAK 20e is designed for professional responders in hospital care environments facilitating both BLS (basic life support) and ALS (advanced life support) responders. 
The LIFEPAK 20e is a trusted device in Irish Hospitals and are used at many locations throughout Ireland including Galway University Hospitals, Beaumont Hospital, Beacon Hospital and the Mater Private Hospital.
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Product description

  • The LIFEPAK 20e facilitates both AED and manual use. It functions superbly as a simple, effective AED for first responders to a cardiac arrest, yet it easily transforms into a manual defibrillator for advanced care professionals. The manual over-ride button gives trained professionals the option to control shock delivery. 
  • Like all LIFEPAK Defibrillators, the LIFEPAK 20e is capable of escalating to the highest Biphasic shock level available in the industry (360 joules) when needed for difficult to defibrillate cardiac arrest victims. This is more than twice the energy output of most AEDs ensuring that more lives are saved and also helps to ensure the LIFEPAK can cope with potential future Resuscitation Guideline Changes, thereby safeguarding your investment. See the Physio-Control dedicated website and Clinical Evidence Studies under further product information below.
  • The monitoring features of the LIFEPAK 20e include 3 or 5 lead ECG, optional Masimo SpO2 and/or Microstream Capnography.
  • With the CodeManagement Module, waveform capnography assists with placing ET tube CPR effectiveness. Wireless connectivity enhances effective management of resuscitations from preparedness through review, helping experienced providers to learn from each event.
  • The LIFEPAK 20e has significant memory capacity to store continuous event data and a 50mm printer which gives clear print and other critical patient data. Data can be transmitted automatically to the LIFENET system via Wifi.
  • LIFEPAK 20e software is very configurable and upgradable and the Code Management Module can be retro-fitted to the device as needs demand.
  • It is compatible with other LIFEPAK models in the product range for uninterrupted care when transferring the patient and their important clinical data to the emergency response team and/or to other devices.
  • With the Physio-Control System of Care, the LIFEPAK 20e can collect data on compressions and ventilation for communication via the web-based LIFENET® System and analysis using CODE-STAT™ Software.