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Physio-Control AEDs are built to the highest standard and offer compatibility with other LIFEPAK® devices that professionals use. 


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Product description

The LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED is the easiest to use and own defibrillator that tells you what to do in clear voice instructions, minimising confusion and helping you to do everything possible to help save a life.

When someone has a cardiac event, you want to be a confident responder trying to help. The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED (has been designed specifically for people who are first on the scene of a cardiac emergency. The defibrillator instructs how to apply the pads, checks the patient’s heart rhythm, and when required applies a pulse of electrical current (known as a shock) to the heart, enabling the normal heart rhythm to resume. A quick response is vital to maximising the likelihood of a cardiac arrest victim surviving. 

The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is used in community settings including office buildings, schools, sports clubs and parishes. With almost 2000 devices supplied in Ireland, it is used in many defibrillator programmes such as throughout Carlson Group Hotels, at Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, at Croke Park and in Croi Programmes in the West of Ireland.

Key Features:
  • The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is lightweight, compact and durable.

  • The quick and easy-to-use process means you just turn the defibrillator on. The automated voice tells where to place the shock pads (electrodes) and when prompted, the user pushes the shock button to deliver a shock. The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED will only prompt to push the shock button if it detects a heart rhythm that needs a shock. Specific reduced energy electrodes are available for children under 8 years of age so they don’t get the full charge of the energy shock delivered by an adult electrode. The clearly displayed status ready indicator indicates that the device is OK to use.

  • Like all LIFEPAK Defibrillators, the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is capable of escalating to the highest Biphasic shock level available in the industry (360 joules) when needed for difficult to defibrillate cardiac arrest victims. This is more than twice the energy output of most AEDs ensuring that more lives are saved and also helps to ensure the LIFEPAK can cope with potential future Resuscitation Guideline Changes, thereby safeguarding your investment.  See the Physio-Control dedicated website and Clinical Evidence  Studies under further product information below.

  • No maintenance is necessary as the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED conducts self-checks and comes with an industry leading 8 year warranty.  The user need only carry out a weekly visual check.

  • The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED has a built-in rechargeable main battery which lasts for the entire life of the device. The device remains on stand-by for two years before its consumables need attention. When the battery icon on the status indicator illuminates, a Charge-Pak kit which contains a battery charging stick (ensuring the built-in battery remains charged) and adult electrodes replenishes the device .Note: These consumables need replacing on date expiry or if the defibrillator is used, whichever occurs sooner.

  • A LIFEPAK® CR-t training system is available for simulations and user training. It closely matches the actual LIFEPAK CR Plus AED to ensure realism.

  • It is compatible with other LIFEPAK models in the product range for uninterrupted care when transferring patient and data to the emergency response team or hospital technology.

  • The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED stores event data for post event analysis which is downloadable to DT EXPRESS™ which is available for download here, free account registration is required.


What’s in the box:

  • The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED box contains the defibrillator complete with battery, carry case and strap, an AMBU® responder kit, spare set of QUIK-PAK™ adult electrodes (shock pads) and user instructions with an instructional DVD as well as a welcome letter and warranty letter.

  • Storage solutions for mobile, indoor and outdoor applications are available as an optional extra, if required.

  • It is recommended that all users of an AED have received appropriate training from the Irish Heart Foundation or PHECC.