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Logiq e R7 Ultrasound

The Logiq e R7’s intuitive interface makes it easy-to-use and offers specific user packages, auto image optimization and pre-set configurations.
The simple set-up procedure helps the clinician focus more on the procedure and less on system settings.
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Product description

The Logiq e R7 can be used for a wide range of clinical applications including regional anaesthesia, cardiac, abdominal, obs, urology, small parts, paediatrics and rheumatology.
Crossbeam probe technology means information from multiple imaging angles is compounded together in real time and has the following clinical benefits:
  • Enhanced Border definition.
  • Enhanced contrast resolution.
  • Helps to reduce angular dependence of border or edge.
  • Enhanced visualization of angled linear structures such as needles.
B-Steer + Needle Recognition enhances the ability to view the needle, surrounding anatomy and movement. This helps to reveal the structure of the needle within the anatomy, without distortion. Clinicians can see the needle advance in real time as there are no image processing delays. This enhanced ultrasound guidance gives better consistency, reduced complications and improved patient care.