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Medela disposable liners (disposable and re-usable)

Medela offers disposable and re-usable liner systems for hygienic, user friendly and economic fluid collection.

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Product description

Disposable fluid collection system
The Medela disposable collection system is flexible, quick and easy-to-use with a choice of two liner sizes 1.5l and 2.5l to safely collect and dispose of suctioned fluids. 
  • The high quality liners and jars are colour coded for easy referencing.
  • The one-piece liner is simply put into the jar for immediate use and can be removed with one hand.
  • Each liner has an overflow protection/bacteria filter with splash guard.
  • Liners are available with or without solidifier.
  • The jar has only one vacuum tubing port for ease of use.
  • For large volume suctioning requirements, multiple jars can be connected with serial tubing or a change-over valve.
Reusable fluid collection system
The Medela reusable collection system offers durable and autoclavable products to safely collect and dispose of suctioned fluids. 
  • There is a choice of four jar sizes 1l, 2l, 3l and 5l. The lid is a universal size for all jar sizes and features an integrated mechanical overflow protection. 
  • The high grade jars are made of durable shock resistant polysulfone.