Oxygen / Air Cylinder Regulators

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Medivital Combi Valves Integrated with Pressure Regulator

Available in different variants, they are designed to fulfil the requirements for all types of medical gases in different application areas and cylinder pressures up to 300 bar.

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Product description

  •  Gas from the cylinder is first controlled by the shut-off valve and then passes through the pressure regulator and delivered to the patient through the flow outlet or pressure outlet.
  • They are always provided with an external pressure relief valve to protect the user outlets from over pressure.
  • Available with a protective guard and bed hanger for easier and safer handling by the healthcare personnel and patients.


  • 15 year life time ensured by extended endurance and cycle testing for future market requirements
  • Slow opening shut off valve with new Patented design
  • Latest technology highest shock resistant gauge
  • Flow selector designed for optimal gas flow and patient safety
  • Guard design provides maximum protection for the valve

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