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New Generation Giraffe Incubator Carestation

The new generation GE Healthcare Giraffe Incubator provides an enclosed micro-environment for neonatal intensive care. Infant care is truly enhanced with the Giraffe Incubator’s innovative features integrated with market leading technology and state-of-the-art design for optimised access to the infant for caregivers and parents.

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Product description

  • Thermoregulation - A neutral thermal environment is maintained providing “Comfort Zone” temperature guidance to set and activate the desired temperature. Heat loss is prevented with the Air Boost system. The servo humidity system gives protection against infection, adds thermal support and reduces transepidermal water loss.
  • Negative touch is minimised - Technologies such as the one-touch canopy lift converts the Carestation into a warmer thereby reducing the need for the baby to be moved or re-positioned. The pressure diffusing mattress can rotate 360º and is bi-directional promoting swaddling and kangaroo care. The X-ray tray and radiolucent mattress enables easy capture of x-ray image without disturbing the baby.
  • User friendly experience - The Omnibed Carestation optimises care of babies with its 10.4” touchscreen colour display, hand free alarm silencing, ergonomic features including elevating base, removable door panels and pass through drawer.
Heater - Heat regulation can be controlled by a clinician-set heater power level. Alternatively, the clinician can set the required patient skin temperature value and the heater will regulate accordingly to maintain the set value. 
Bed - The slide-out 360º rotating mattress allows easy access to the baby during procedures with optional in- bed weighing scales. 
The pressure diffusing mattress can be tilted any angle up to12º for Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg positions when inside the compartment.