Conventional Pipeline Vacuum Regulators

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Ohio Medical Thoracic Vacuum Regulator

Designed for pleural and mediastinal drainage procedures, maintains accurate and stable negative pressure at low levels of suction while providing maximum flow rates. Combined with a water seal and collection bottle (or disposable chest drainage systems), this regulator provides improved performance and flexibility over traditional methods of chest drainage. 

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Product description

Other features include:

  • Automatically compensates for vacuum fluctuations (i.e. leaks) at the catheter or wall outlet.
  • Fine-tuning suction control knob – Moves slowly and precisely, taking 5 full turns to span entire gauge range
  • Positive Pressure Relief Valve – Vents positive pleural pressure or accidental positive pressure away from the patient and system
  • Pressure Limiting Valve – Prevents negative pressure from exceeding 55 cm H2O
  • Silent Vacuum Control – Eliminates bubbling noise associated with water manometers
  • Delivers High Flow Rates – At least 40 L/min at full increase dependent upon vacuum supply and setup
  • Extended Range – Provides higher negative pressures required for multiple chest tubes and other applications.
  • Comprehensive three year parts and labour warranty

 The Amvex range of Vacuum Regulators  is an alternative product line offering  entry level, economically priced Vacuum Regulators to suit a wide range of clinical requirements.Amvex is proud to be the first manufacturer to offer a digital vacuum regulator.Further product information is available at