Nebuliser Compressors

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The PARI  TurboBOY®  SX is a compact, powerful mains powered nebuliser compressor designed specifically for frequent users.

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Product description

PARI’s impressive compressor technology enables efficient delivery of medication from the LC SPRINT® nebuliser (which is the re-usable drug chamber). This gives very effective treatment as more drug reaches the lung.
With an ergonomic carry handle and drug chamber holder for when the compressor isn’t being used, the TurboBoy® SX has been designed specifically with the user in mind. It is easy to maintain and clean.
There is a PARI JuniorBoy model also available specifically for babies and children
What’s in the box:
  • PARI TurboBOY® SX nebuliser compressor,
  • LC SPRINT® Nebuliser re-usable drug chamber (blue insert),
  • Connection Tubing (1.2 m, f/m),
  • Tubing Adapter (for standard f/f tubing),
  • Mouthpiece, adult Mask.