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PEP / RMT Patient Kits

Pep/Rmt™ is a simple, easy-to-use training kit designed to improve patient respiratory performance. Choosing from a combination of masks, resistors and other options, you can configure a respiratory training or symptom-minimising tool that can be used in the clinic or at home. Pep/Rmt can be tailored for four specific therapies covering the full range of patient categories.

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Product description

This is a prescription product only normally prescribed by respiratory physiotherapists or clinicians.

  • Simple to use and adjust for patients and health care professionals alike.
  • Multiple scaling options allow you to adjust parameters as patient condition changes.
  • Quick set-up and breakdown.

Patient Kits: 

Patient kits are available in a range of sizes including infant, toddler, child, adult and large adult.
Each kit contains a patient mask, valve assembly and resistor set.

Optional Extras not included in the above kits:

  • Pressure Gauge (Manometer)             
  • Connector 15mmM to 15mmF with side port and tube
  • Mouthpiece for valve (pack of 3)

Recommended Components may also be ordered separately as follows:

  • Mask only Infant
  • Mask only Toddler
  • Mask only Child
  • Mask only Adult
  • Mask only Large Adult
  • Valve Assembly
  • Resistors

You can also purchase the PEP/RMT Resistor Sets as follows:

  • PEP Resistor Set, includes all sizes - 1.5mm - 5.0mm (set of 8)
  • PEP Resistors, 1.5mm, Black (pack of 5)
  • PEP Resistors, 2.0mm, White (pack of 5)
  • PEP Resistors, 2.5mm, Yellow (pack of 5)
  • PEP Resistors, 3.0mm, Blue (pack of 5)
  • PEP Resistors, 3.5mm, Green (pack of 5)
  • PEP Resistors, 4.0mm, Orange (pack of 5)
  • PEP Resistors, 5.0mm, Brown (pack of 5)
  • PEP Resistors, 6.0mm, Purple (pack of 5)




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