Airway Management

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Simeox Airway Clearance

SIMEOX therapy provides effective and comfortable airway clearance for patients suffering from chronic lung diseases (such as Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, COPD) with lung congestion and difficulty mobilising their mucus.

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Product description

During patient exhalation through a mouthpiece, SIMEOX generates a succession of very short air depressions non-invasively. This disseminates a pneumatic vibratory signal throughout the bronchial tree.

The effect is a transient modification of the rheology of the mucus, reducing its viscosity and improving its mobilisation toward higher bronchial tree. Mobilised mucus is then expectorated through natural cough.


The unique technology of Simeox provides:

  • Direct action on mucus -  Simeox delivers a specific pneumatic vibratory signal during exhalation, developed following several years of research which is able to liquefy mucus in less than 2 seconds
  • Fatigue-free bronchial drainage - the patient works at tidal volume and the exhalation is gentle which means patient fatigue is not increased allowing for a more relaxing treatment session.
  • Clearance of the distal airways - The Simeox signal has the ability to spread down to the distal airways of the bronchial tree without any risk of collapse, allowing effective clearance of peripheral airways that are generally difficult to reach.
  • Easy for patients to use themselves - After having been trained by a healthcare professional, Simeox can be used at home by patients themselves.