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SiPaP Infant CPAP System

The Infant Flow Sipap provides reliable and clinically proven technology for positive pressure non-invasive ventilation support of neonatal patients whilst protecting their fragile lungs.

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Product description

  • The Sipap provides an extensive range of modes including nCPAP, CPAP and Biphasic.
  • Enhanced functionality and advanced non-invasive treatment options offers Apnea and low breath detection, patient synchronisation in BiPhasic trigger mode.
  • The Sipap features LCD touch-screen display, waveform graphics for pressure time, integrated patient monitoring, high pressure low pressure and FiO2 alarms and battery back-up for up to 2 hours. 
  • The LP Circuit interface operates at a lower drive pressure than previous circuit technology. This reduced drive pressure within the circuit greatly reduces or eliminates the common problem of over -distension of the humidifier water supply bag.