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SuperNO2VA™ Nasal PAP Ventilation System

The SuperNO2 VA™ nasal PAP ventilation system includes a 2 L hyperinflation bag. This design allows for ease in use in the PACU and during transport.

  • SuperNova delivers positive airway pressure to stent open the upper airway
  • SuperNova ET allows for easy end tidal monitoring
  • Helps provide confident maintenance of perioperative airway
  • Supports all phases of anesthetic operative care:
    • Pre-op oxygenation
    • Intra-op airway stabilization
    • Post-op positive airway pressure
  • Relieves upper airway obstruction due to decreased level of consciousness
  • Ease access for intra-oral procedures
  • Provides rescue ventilation
  • Available in medium and large sizes and is offered as a standalone mask with a head strap and as a system, kitted with a hyperinflation bag
  • Helps reduce the risk of hypoxemia due to upper airway obstruction in patients with a decreased level of consciousness
  • Can be connected directly to an oxygen flow meter


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