Thoracic Portable Drainage Systems

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Thopaz+ Digital Chest Drainage System

With Thopaz+, a new standard in chest drainage has been set in terms of mobility, objective digital data and ease of use.

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Product description

Thopaz+ features the latest digital technology allowing healthcare professionals to make accurate decisions based on precise data and monitoring.

Traditional systems using external support like wall suction on immobilised patients is currently how about 85% of all thoracic chest drainaga is managed. This means a subjective assessment of parenchymal leakage only is allowed and means medical staff are burdened with monitoring duties.

The Thopaz+ uses digital technology allowing medical staff to monitor patients and record key therapeutic indicators such as air leak, fluid drainage and intrapleural pressure. Objective data is recorded in real time allowing the medical team to streamline care delivery and improve patient outcomes.


Features include :

  • Electronically measure and record all key parameters used in chest drainage management
  • Select optimal level of patient chest pressure
  • Ease of use streamlines surgical care for doctors and provide convenience for nurses and hospital staff
  • Improves patient satisfaction and comfort by providing full mobility with quiet pump operation
  • Reduces patient length of stay in hospital and helps to control costs