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Clario Toni Paediatric Airway Suction Pump

The Medela Clario Toni paediatric airway suction unit offers quick relief for quiet tracheostomy suctioning.

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Product description

The Clario Toni is a rechargeable battery and mains powered suction unit. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use for airway suctioning.

  • Medela’s innovative suction technology enables the Clario Toni to suction airway secretions effectively, quickly while operating whisper quiet.
  • There is a choice of three preset vacuum levels based on the clinical guidelines for airway suctioning. Setting low vacuum levels for neonates or children is now a lot simpler. Conforms with respiratory guidelines with vacuum levels of –70 and –115 mmHg
  • The compact Clario Toni can be operated by mains power or rechargeable battery that allows for more than 50 minutes of suction time.
  • It is maintenance free.
  • Due to its clever design the Clario Toni is quick to assemble, easy to use, and clean. 
  • With a focus on hygiene and safety, by the nature of its design secretions cannot enter the pump or overflow and no filters are required.

What’s in the box:

  • Medela Clario Toni suction unit
  • re-chargeable battery
  • mains lead and finger-tip suction tubing.
  • Carry bag available as an optional extra.

Technical Specification:

  • Power: 100 - 240 V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Vacuum levels: minimum, medium and maximum
  • Flow rate: 15 lpm
  • Weight: 2 kg (Clario Toni AC/DC model)

Warranty: 2 years for suction unit, 6 months for battery