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Oxygen Care has a long history of involvement in the supply and support of Anaesthetic gas delivery systems and associated Anaesthetic Gas Monitoring and Physiological Monitoring platforms.

Our initial involvement in this clinical area dates back to 1978 when we first became involved with the then emerging ‘Penlon’ range of anaesthetic machines. We later formed a relationship with Ohmeda during the late 1980’s and brought this range of products to the Irish market. During the late 1990’s Ohmeda was acquired by a Finnish company called Datex who were acknowledged among clinicians as being leaders in the field of anaesthetic gas monitoring technologie and Ohmeda subsequently became Datex-Ohmeda.

This anaesthetic range now forms part of the GE HealthCare portfolio and has benefitted from substantial R&D investment. This investment has facilitated the development and availability of such technological advances as Target Controlled Anaesthesia which has become the ‘gold standard’ of care among Anaesthetists in Ireland.

Over these years Oxygen Care has been constantly involved with this product portfolio and has built up considerable expertise in this specialty.  We have built a reputation as being the leading supplier and provider of Anaesthesia systems backed by premium customer support in both the clinical and technical /maintenance elements of these Anaesthesia systems. This reputation is very important to us and we continue to work hard to ensure that this reputation is justified.