Maternal & Infant Care

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Maternal & Infant Care

Dating back to 1972, Oxygen Care first began supplying Ohio infant incubators to Maternity Hospitals in Ireland. These incubators were considered leading edge technology back then.  

Maternal Infant care has been a core “pillar” of Oxygen Care’s product offerings ever since and we are fortunate to enjoy very longstanding relationships with Clinicians and Caregivers alike in virtually every Neonatal and Paediatric care facility nationwide.

Infant warming and resuscitative technology has progressed amazingly in the intervening years from those relatively basic but effective early devices to today’s Giraffe Omnibed Carestation technologies.

With these advances in technology, extremely low birthweight Neonates now have a far greater chance of survival in a much more developmentally appropriate Carestation environment which minimises unnecessary stimulation and handling of critically ill new-borns.

in addition to Giraffe infant incubation and warming Carestations we offer a range of devices used in NICU such as Phototherapy Devices, Physiological Monitors, NCPAP and Ventilation devices including Sensormedics HFOV as well as Corometrics Foetal Maternal Monitors and Panda Infant Warmers used in Labour and Delivery suites.