Emergency Ventilation


MEDUVENT Standard is one of the smallest, lightest-weight emergency and transport ventilators in its class.

Ventilate Wherever You Go - More Flexibility from Turbine Technology

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Product description

The device weighs approx. 2 kg and has a device volume of 3.5l, which means it can fit in emergency vehicles which have little space or which require lightweight equipment.

Long distances or transport times? No power or oxygen supply? With a ventilator which maintains ventilation for an average of 8 hours*, even without an external gas supply, you don’t need to worry about the technology. If required, however, the patient can be supplied with additional oxygen at any time via the universally compatible oxygen inlet tube. This allows inspiratory oxygen concentrations of 21 % to 100 % to be achieved - all without the device consuming any itself.

More safety for patients and staff

  • The integrated alarm system alerts medical staff in critical situations.
  • The hygiene filter protects patient, staff and ventilator from contamination.
  • An automatic function check means a user is always on the safe side.

Versatile applications

  • All common standards and guidelines applied to achieve a dedicated emergency response design.
  • Efficient in non-invasive ventilation. Manual ventilation with MEDUtrigger replaces bag mask ventilation.
  • Universally compatible O₂ connection for controlling oxygen concentration to suit requirements
  • Loss-free oxygen supply from 21 % O₂ to 100 % O₂

Compact, lightweight and ergonomic

  • MEDUVENT Standard weighs just 2.1 kg and has a volume of 3.5 l. This makes it one of the smallest, lightest-weight emergency and transport ventilators in its class.
  • MEDUVENT Standard is easy to transport and can be reliably charged using the LIFE-BASE portable unit.

Higher performance and efficiency

  • Innovative turbine technology
  • Works with and without an oxygen supply
  • Long operating time: Average 8 hours on one battery charge*
  • Short charging time: From 0 % to 95 % charge in just 2.5 hours
  • Flexible charging options: Either via 230 V power supply unit / charger or directly from the 12 V on-board power supply

*Assuming typical ventilation settings for an adult patient

Manual mode with MEDUtrigger

Trigger mechanical breaths entirely in line with requirements.

In cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in anaesthesia induction (RSI: Rapid Sequence Induction), mechanical breaths may need to be administered individually or twice in quick succession. Thanks to MEDUtrigger, MEDUVENT Standard makes this possible, quickly, and ergonomically.

MEDUtrigger is a “remote control” for triggering mechanical breaths on the ventilator. The mechanism is attached directly to the mask or tracheal tube and allows medical staff to trigger one or two consecutive mechanical breaths at the press of a button. The combination of MEDUtrigger and mask accordingly replaces the bag-valve mask in the initial phase of CPR and RSI. The ergonomically-designed trigger button can be operated with a thumb or finger. It is effortlessly easy for the user to reach, even though he or she is simultaneously sealing the mask with both hands.

As a result, MEDUVENT Standard and MEDUtrigger can be used to administer mechanical breaths from a single provider, while a bag-valve mask requires two rescuers to provide ventilation with a proper mask seal.  The patient accordingly benefits from all the safety features of the ventilator, such as ventilation pressure limit, alarm system, and patient monitoring, for example. If a corresponding oxygen source is connected, it is also possible to administer one hundred percent oxygen.