Push-To-Set (PTS) Vacuum Regulator

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Push-To-Set Vacuum Regulator, Intermittent/Continuous, Adult,

Vacuum Regulator, Ohio Medical Push-To-Set™, Intermittent/Continuous, Adult, Analog (ISO/CE)Clinical guidelines recommend intermittent suction for nasogastric drainage, and continuous suction for tracheal, pharyngeal, surgical suctioning or chest drainage. The analog gauge unit for adults offers both intermittent and continuous suction modes to meet your clinical needs. The built in safety feature, "Push to Set", eliminates the need to occlude patient tubing to set accurate vacuum levels. The "Quick-To-Max" feature requires only 1-2 turns to reach full wall vacuum for emergency resuscitation. Available with Counter-Clockwise gauge with both kPa and mmHg scales.

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