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The Aisys CS2 Carestation with 15” touchscreen display offers cutting edge technology to deliver anaesthesia safely and efficiently to a wide range of patients from neonatal to adult whether cases are routine or complex.
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Product description

The Aisys integrates an impressive array of features including digital control and measurement of ventilation, vaporisation and gas delivery parameters. Optional modules can be added to the module bay for customisation of the Aisys to meet specific requirements that can vary greatly depending on a patient’s procedure. A range of GE Healthcare patient monitors including legacy Datex-Ohmeda monitors can be completely integrated. There is a large install base in Ireland of over 190 Aisys Carestations.
An operating theatre continually evolves and adapts to meet clinician and patient needs. The Aisys can adapt alongside offering software upgrades and add-on modules to enhance functionality as required. With the innovative optional gas delivery mode ETControl, the clinician defines an end tidal target. By automatically adjusting the vapour gas delivery and total gas flow, the system ensures the set target value is obtained and maintained.
Product features:
  • At the forefront of anaesthetic innovation, the Aisys CS2 allows anaesthetists to conduct the function of Target Controlled Anaesthesia with EtControl. This functionality can titrate the anaesthetic agent into the breathing system to a clinician-defined end tidal target at very low flows. Uniquely, ETControl on the Aisys allows the clinician to define an end tidal target and the system automatically adjusts fresh gas flow. This ensures safer anaesthesia as leakage, patient oxygen consumption and dilution effect is compensated. Aside from the important safety benefits, the reduced workload and savings of anaesthetic agent achieved by the use of ETControl simply can’t be ignored.
  • Advanced Ventilation – The high performing SmartVent 7900 ventilator features microprocessor-controlled pneumatic flow control valves. The range of ventilation technologies available includes Volume Control, Pressure Control for clinicians to select a target pressure and maximum tidal volume, Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) for spontaneously breathing patients and electronic Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP).  Optional modes include pressure support ventilation with Apnea backup (PSVPro), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), Pressure control ventilation-volume guarantee (PCV-VG), CPAP and VCV cardiac bypass.
  • The compact breathing circuit of the Advanced Breathing System (ABS) with direct gas pathway means the patient benefits from a rapid response to changes in fresh gas flow and anaesthetic agent.  It is ideal for minimal and low flow anaesthesia. The removable ABS allows for convenient servicing and cleaning. 
  • User friendly interface – An impressive 15” touchscreen colour display with moveable display-arm allows clinicians to keep control of all parameters during a case thus maintaining focus on the patient.
  • The Aisys enables clinicians to integrate local and industry protocols such as record keeping and hospital information systems for seamless digital communication of important patient and system data.
  • Ergonomic design includes smooth edged easy cleanable surfaces. Monitor arms are enabled with movement, pivoting and tilting capability.