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CareScape B850 Modular Monitor

The GE Carescape Monitor B850 is a versatile multi-parameter monitor with a 19” touchscreen LCD display. This compact monitor allows clinicians to view, record and recall patient data acquired by an extensive range of physiological parameters for adult, paediatric and neonatal monitoring.
The B850 offers dedicated software packages for specific care areas including cardiac care, critical care, emergency care, paediatric ICU and post anaesthesia care for true customisation.  It is also upgradable to use in different care areas or for ad hoc requirements of a specific patient case, thereby ensuring your investment is adaptable and future-proofed.
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Product description

  • The B850 offers a range of clinical parameters including hemodynamic and airway gas for adult, paediatric and neonatal patient monitoring. The B850 can incorporate add-on parameters from three types of modules for extensive monitoring capability and customisation enabled by the CARESCAPE PDM (patient data module), two additional single width E modules and TRAM module or single parameter TRAM-RAC module.  
  • State-of-the-art algorithm data and parameters include, multi-lead ECG analysis for cardiac arrhythmia and event detection with GE EK-Pro, 12 SL diagnostic ECG with direct two-way MUSE Cardiology information system and GE DINAMAP* NIBP for non-invasive blood pressure. The B850 can also act as a Citrix Client.
  • The B850 monitor can be customised by the dedicated software packages available for specific care areas including cardiac care, critical care, emergency care, paediatric ICU and post-anaesthesia care. Optional licences mean monitoring requirements can be further extended, as required.
  • The 5 slotted and 7 slotted frames enable interfacing between the B850 monitor and E-modules acquisition modules for extended parameter measurement. A slide mount supports PDM (patient data module) and PSM (patient side module). TRAM-RAC housings allow interfacing between the B850 monitor and a single module TRAM-RAC module or TRAM module to acquire patient data for the B850 monitor.
  • The B850 is designed to function seamlessly as an intra-hospital transport monitor due to wireless capability, detachable modules, battery power and portable design. The USB ports cater for several input devices.
  • The B850 can be used as a stand-alone device or have its full potential realised if it is interfaced with other equipment to form a comprehensive GE platform providing a system of care.  The B850’s extensive integration capability includes for example connection to other monitors for remote viewing, connection to a monitoring station, such as the CARESCAPE CIC Pro, connection to the hospital network with S/5 Network for data communication and management, or to CARESCAPE Unity Network ID for centralising patient data.